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About Us


About the owner

Launched in 2022, The Mexican Cowgirl began its journey.  I was inspired by the craftmanship I discovered while trekking through the backroads of Mexico.  I began to realize how the clothing there was very different than the clothing in the U.S. The style of clothing and accessories in Mexico were so distinct, that they are not just found off the shelf here in the U.S. This was when I had the idea that these high-quality, classy Women’s clothing and accessories would be highly desirable to have. Mexican hand-crafted products are part of a niche market, which is why wearing any of these products will make any Women who wears them, stand out. All of my products are hand-picked from the towns in Mexico I choose to buy from. I only purchase high-end products that are different from normal, and that I believe not many people will have. I also have a selection of Vintage clothing in which I acquire when I see a fashionable piece. For special occasions or events, I create outfits from my own store, whether it be a Cowgirl outfit or a Ranchera. Whether you want to buy jewelery, dresses, belts, or purses, The Mexican Cowgirl is the place to shop!

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